• Wharves
  • Ship Repairers
  • Stevedores 
  • Terminal Operator
  • Vessel Charterers

  • Theft / Robbery

  • Watercraft Liability  

  • General / Excess Liability

  • Hull Insurance 

  • Liability 

  • Property & Casualty  

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  • Boat Repairs

  • Bumbershoot / Marine Umbrella 

  • Business Interruption Insurance

  • Employer Liability

  • Boat Dealer
  • Boat Manufacturer 
  • Mariner
  • Ship Yard

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There is a popular saying "without the tree there is no fruit." It is our belief that the shipping industry would not exist if it were not for the various services supporting it. Combining our experience, market portfolio, diversity of coverages, we have the capability to service any business in the Marine Service Industry.


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